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These new cuts of my 3 sizes of tennis balls have now resulted in fitting numerous furniture leg bases of various sizes both round and square that were never imaginable previously with my standard three sizes that have a circular and slit cut. This has opened an entire targeting group of homeowners and businesses non related to educational institutions. With this new line of floor protection, I will be able to reach all facets of the population needing floor protection whether it be in homes, businesses, or schools.

At this time I am marketing two new cuts in the Golf Ball Size, one new cut in the 2" size and one in the 2.4". One of the Golf Ball Size now will fit a walker with wheels! This is the smallest walker ball on the market!! It goes on so easy without removing the walker cap. Just pop'em on and go!!

Available in black, charcoal gray, chocolate brown and linen (temp out of stock of chocolate brown and linen)

Golf Ball Size Fits 1“ Round

Golf Ball Size Fits 1" Round
& 3/4" Square

Golf Ball Size Fits 1 1/4 Inch Round & 1 Inch Square

Golf Ball Size Fits 1 1/4 " Round & 1" Square

2 Inch Black and Gray Ball

2" Fits 1 3/8"-1 1/2" Round & 1 1/8" Square

2.4 Inch Size Fits 1 3/4 Inch Round

2.4" Size Fits 1 3/4" Round

  • NO MORE STICKY FELT PADS WITH THESE PATENT PENDING FURNITURE GLIDES- will not fall off until you take them off!
  • PROTECT YOUR HARD FLOOR SURFACES- keep your beautiful floors scratch free and save both time and money
  • WELL-MADE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOUR FURNITURE- 4mm thick natural rubber inner core-not synthetic
  • DURABLE ATTRACTIVE OUTER COVERING- thicker polyester blend for long-lasting results!
  • GREAT VALUE- priced competitively and will out last the felt sticky pads that simply do not work

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Leg & Furniture Caps

Furniture Leg-EZ by Furniture Footies are new, quality furniture caps that deliver excellent floor protection while remaining unnoticed. These leg caps have built-in floor protection pads that are easy to apply to desk or table legs. They're seemingly invisible and will outlast the competition. Keep the beauty of your floors intact while quieting furniture movement.

Chair Leg Cap Furniture Cap Leg Stool With Furniture Cap Furniture Leg-EZ by Furniture Footies

Protect Your Floors

Our leg caps are great for hardwood floors. These fit all standard classroom desk legs of 1.25" or less and won't fall off with normal movement of furniture. They are made of transparent durable plastic with a powerful magnet and 4mm thick wool pad, so these will protect any floor. They are not recommended for use on chairs in a school setting. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Furniture Leg-EZ Are Environmentally Friendly, Nontoxic, & Non-Allergenic
  • Furniture Leg-EZ Will Reduce Your Maintenance Costs By Well Over 50%
  • Furniture Leg-EZ Will Reduce Your Noise Factor By As Much As 90%

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