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Please kindly email info@furniturefooties.com if unsure of the correct size of glide. Furniture Footies Golf Ball Size and slit cuts are designed mainly for school furniture bases but can have application on home furniture. Our New Patent Pending Furniture Glides are for home furniture.

Specially Designed Pre-Cut Tennis Balls for Walkers

The concept for Furniture Footies was born in 2009 to replace furniture socks and cut tennis balls. They are chair glides and walker glides that protect floors and have a smaller footprint. The smaller size and darker colors allow them to blend better with the legs of your furniture or walker without the stark colors of traditional tennis balls.

Designed with walkers in mind, this product ensures quiet movement, prevents scratching on your floor, and even makes using a walker easier. Also, our new, improved design has a small logo on the bottom instead of on the front of the ball. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-cut tennis balls for walkers or to place an order.

Walker Glides

Pre-cut Walker Glides

What makes our pre-cut balls for walkers special? Customers love that these patent-pending glides are easy to apply, even for seniors. You don't even need to remove the leg cap. Just install the balls and go! There are no tools necessary since they're pre-cut for your safety.

In addition, the feet are allergen-free, latex-free, and built to last. Furniture Footies will not loosen, split, crack, or fall off due to their natural rubber core, which is much thicker than the core seen in typical tennis balls. We also have chair slippers in 2" and  2.4"  sizes, so there are products for almost every application.

Well-Made Floor Protection

Pre-cut Walker Glides

Our floor protection pads apply easily, and their natural rubber inner core prevents splitting and cracking. The outer cover is made of a durable polyester blend that is gentle on all flooring styles. You’ll also appreciate that our products are much smaller than most other floor protectors, so they easily blend in with your furniture's appearance.

Many people who use walkers are frustrated to discover scratches on their flooring from their mobility aid. Our walker glides protect hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, and more from this damage. Furthermore, they allow the walker to move smoothly across surfaces while also providing the steady support people need. Reach out to our team to learn more about our products for mobility aids, as well as our many floor protection options for furniture legs.

Contact us to place an order for pre-cut tennis ball carefully designed for walkers. We’re proud to ship our products nationwide.

New Black Furniture Glide

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