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About Us

Furniture Footies were developed by an elementary teacher to deal with the frequent screeching sounds of desks and chairs sliding around the classroom, as well as custodial staff's concerns over floor scratching, in addition to general unhappiness over the current products on the market. Our glides help to quiet the movement of any furniture, and they've been loved by administrators, teachers, custodians, and students alike. Furniture Footies is a woman-owned-and-operated business, owned by Margaret Johnson since 2009.

Next Steps

After Furniture Footies' first iteration, we began developing other options to help all kinds of furniture owners at home, in school, and at work. We're excited to launch these new products and replace common, stick-on pads that simply don't work. This product fits all kinds of standard furniture legs, including round and square legs in a variety of colors to compliment any home or business while protecting floors.

Margaret Johnson


In 2018, we realized it was a good idea to make Furniture Footies that fit walkers with wheels without having to remove the existing caps. Our 2" and 2.4" sizes were selling well for those walkers, so we created a way to make the smallest ones work as well. The original hole was too small, so we expanded the hole with two slits on either side. The design was further refined after a photographer questioned the ability of seniors to use the product, so we increased the diameter for even easier installation. The end result is the smallest walker ball ever that can be applied with no effort. After that, we began experimenting with the other sizes, and now there is an option for almost every standard furniture leg base, so you can replace those stick-on felt pads.

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